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Financial advisor Gerard Dougherty has worked for Boston Independence Group, Inc., in Bolton, Massachusetts, since 2012. In his position as president of the retirement planning firm, he works to fulfill the firm’s mission statement of helping individuals and families enjoy better lives in retirement. Gerard Dougherty, or Gerry, works to support his client’s pre-established assets while shifting away from a growth mindset and into strategies rooted in preserving assets and sourcing consistent streams of income.

Gerry Dougherty studied economics and political science as an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is a chartered leadership fellow with the American College and Penn State University and has completed a national social security advisor program with the National Social Security Association.

Beyond his work as a financial advisor, Mr. Dougherty is a published author with articles on and a widely available book, Uncomplicated Money. His WCRN radio show and podcast, Retirement Is Within Reach!, focuses on how clients can generate sources of income during retirement. Mr. Dougherty also owns several trademarks.

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